(Inter)nationale Wetenschappelijke Congressen

Juli 2023 | Seattle, WA, US

Symposium in Statistical and Quantitative Genetics
"Opt-in or out? Public opinion on the use of forensic familial searching in Flanders"

Oktober 2022 | Leuven, Belgium

'Nature & Nurture' interdisciplinary symposium 
KEYNOTE "Genetics for Dummies"

Oktober 2022 | Kortrijk, Belgium

Zoology 2022
KEYNOTE "CSY: from Communicating Science to Crime Scene"

September 2022 | Washington DC, US

ISF22 / International Society for Forensic Genetics
"YMrCA: To improve Y-ancestor time estimation for DNA kinship research"

Juli 2022 | Antwerp, Belgium

National Symposium for Applied Biology 
KEYNOTE "CSY: from Citizen Science to Crime Scene"

Mei 2022 | Wenen, Oostenrijk

ESHG22 / European Human Genetics Conference
"Opt-in or out? Public opinion on the use of human genetics for forensic familial DNA searching"

September 2021 | Padova, Italy   (on remote due to Covid)

New data for the new challenges of population and society - UPadova Conference
"To connect the present with the past: The genetics behind our ancestry revealed by the human Y-chromosome" 

September 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic

ISFG19 / International Society for Forensic Genetics

"CSYseq: A panel-based MPS approach including 12,523 Y-chromosome polymorphisms"

► Awarded for "Best oral presentation" by both the public as the congress committee based on presentation clarity and outstanding scientific research quality 

 & Poster presentation "Validation of Y-ancestor time calculators for forensic familial searching"

Mei 2018 | Bydgoszcz, Poland

HM18 / Haploid Markers 
"A game of hide and seq: Identification of parallel Y-STR mutations in deep-rooting pedigrees" 

Oktober 2017 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

4th CLHC Forensic PhD Symposiums
"New insights on human Y-chromosomal variation for familial searching based on deep-rooted trees and MPS"